Things I wish I knew about the second trimester

Okay since getting pregnant I realized there is so much we don’t tell fellow women happen, yes they tell you about the things like how great it feels to feel them kick and about the struggle to put your socks on but boyyyyyyy do they leave stuff out! we need to talk about them!


  1. The glow is actually sweat;
    Who in their god damn right mind came up with this one! yes your skin may clear up as your hormones regulate out in the second trimester, but that doesn’t give you a glow. Just a lil clearer skin, but glow? no its sweat, it’s standing in a warm room or weather and getting clammy!
  2. The kicks aren’t as cute as everyone makes it out;
    Don’t get me wrong it’s great and really reassuring, but oh my gosh when they’ve got a good bit of momentum it’s not so nice. A fist to the bladder, a foot to the ribs, there’s nice little movements but when you’re trying to sleep and get woken up because you get an elbow to an organ? not so cute anymore is it?
  3. You might want to increase your fiber and water intake;
    Why does no one tell you how all over the place bowel movements are? I’ve never been so concerned with bowel movements in my whole life! too much then too little, it’s a lot of changes and keeping your fiber levels up with water is way easier than waiting fro one to happen to eat to get the opposite reaction, if you know what I mean !
  4. The belly becomes a bumper car;
    Honestly I’m glad I have the extra padding around my belly because my spacial awareness disappeared! I don’t know what it is, maybe its a thrown off balance or something but I mean it’s like I attract everything at bump level straight into my belly! Oh you used to stand this close to the counter tops? NOT ANYMORE! You used to be able to fit through that space between car mirrors to get to the car door? NOT ANYMORE! maybe I’m just clumsy but I’m not the only pregnant bumper car out there and no one warned me or mentioned it until I commented on how I’m walking into everything!
  5. How well do you cope with being tired;
    It’s not just after the baby is born that you start to loose sleep and get tired, it starts before that, so get yourself some extra pillows to use when you sleep and its okay to take naps! I was so surprised how much I struggled getting to sleep, and then that other women I know had the same experiences when they were pregnant. The sleep can get uncomfortable earlier than the third trimester, bump or no bump, I mean there is a small person in there!
  6. You don’t always have to be excited;
    I mean of course it’s a great thing that is happening and people around the world would love to be in you situation, but sometimes it is a lot to take in and it’s okay to freak out little about how much is changing and this huge change to your life. I mean if your worried about being too unhappy you should talk to a professional, but the expectation that you should be happy all the time because your pregnant is so unrealistic! It’s okay to get frustrated with your body because it can’t do what it could before, but its temporary and your body is doing something amazing so ride it out.
  7. Get your answers for everything ready, your going to need it!
    Prepare yourself for the questioners! Was the baby planned? Are you going to find out the gender? What gender do you want? Are you going to breastfeed? What hospital are you going to? Are you going to get the epidural? Have you thought of names? Whens the due date? Does the baby move much? Are you going to go back to work? How does your parents feel about it? Hows the baby? I mean what the heck, your privacy is gone out the window and it’s open season on your choices. I wish someone told me just how personal the questions can get before being faced with them.

2017-06-15 01.10.44 1 (1).jpg

Stop with the horror story ladies, tell us what to actually prepare for because it can be scary for a first time mother who has no idea that these changes and things are normal and other people experience it too!


The C Salad

So I made a salad a while ago and afterwards when eating it I realized most of the ingredients began with a C, and this is what was in it

  • Cucumber
  • “chicken filets” from quorn
  • cous cous
  • chickpeas
  • “creme cheese”

separately I added in sauerkraut, mushrooms and some red onions.


The only thing that needs to be cooked is the “chicken fillets”, I just threw two onto a grill for maybe 5-7 mins and they were done.

I also made the cous-cous, this is one of those brilliant things if your a busy person because how I made it is

you pour some into a bowl, add in boiling hot water, just enough to cover it, but not too much, i cover it over, sometimes with a tea towel or another plate to keep in the heat, leave it for about 3-4 mins and its done, quick simple

all you need to do is kind of fluff it out with a fork, you can add in some spices, I always add a bit of garlic powder, some paprika and a little bit of sea salt, it amazing.


If I am having mushrooms, I usually just throw them in with the cous-cous and add in the boiling water over the two, it just softens them and makes them feel a bit safer.

Thats it! just chop the stuff while the cous cous and “chicken” is grilling and poof you’ve a flavour packed meal in litterly as long as it takes the chickn to cook.



Let me know if you try this, would love to hear about it 🙂 xx




Foods/ herbs I can’t live without and neither should you!

So I’ve embarked on a super interesting path of herbalism, I love everything about it and it keeps me learning everyday and exploring a whole world I never knew of!

Because of this I have made some changes to my daily food schedule, and I thought i’d share them! Spreading knowledge is what it’s all about after all.

1. Sauerkraut :

unnamed (4).jpg

Guys I cannot express how much I love this stuff! I have it in everything!

I make sure I have at least a handful each day, it’s so easy to incorporate, I just put some on top of my avocado toast, or just on toast in general, I put it in salads, in my sauces, just everywhere.

I’ve always struggled badly with my stomach, with digestion problems, I’ve always gone to the doctor about pains and problems with certain foods I eat, I came across sauerkraut on Instagram one day decided to research it a bit, bought a jar and have never turned back! I feel like it really helps me to digest my food so I love getting it in in the mornings!

So the trick with sauerkraut is the probiotic properties that come around through the fermentation process- not as gross at it sounds I promise!

The benefits include:

  • high levels of dietary fiber
  • beneficial probiotics that improve immune, cognitive and digestive systems
  • protects from bowel disorders and hormonal imbalances and various autoimmune diseases
  • supports brain function
  • helps control inflammation in the body
  • detoxifies the body by combating toxins in the digestive tract


2. Turmeric :

So basically I have turmeric on and in everything, you name it, smoothies, salads, teas,

img_7776 toast, potatoes, on my face! I’m actually sure there is nothing that I won’t put turmeric in. I love it, so it made sense to buy a bigger bag and thankfully Indigo herbs have my back for it all!

honestly the benefits are endless, and the flavour is savage too! It’s not too strong that it’s over powering, but it packs a punch for that immune system!


Some of the benefits are;

  •  Powerful anti inflammatory
  • helps manage diabetes
  • has anti-cancer effect – prevents and minimizing
  • regulates cholesterol
  • curcumin can manage pain
  • and of course is brilliant mixed in as a mask to combat acne or breakouts


3. Mushroom powders ;


Reishi power;

I love this stuff, and surprise surprise it was another thing I stumbled across on instagram. With a long tradition in Chinese medicine and still being used today by certain practitioners, this mushroom powder is know as mushroom of immortality, so of course I’ve gotta get me some of that!

So I’ve used this nearly daily for quite some time, and I haven’t been sick! And I used to get sick quite frequently, like not badly sick but I definitely struggled with my sinus and getting 24 hour colds, but I’ve only had one bout of that since taking this in conjunction with the Lion’s mane powder, I really recommend it. Some of the heaps of benefits are;

  • Immune modulator
  • Anti-tumour
  • regulates blood pressure
  • improves cognitive ability
  • fights infections and bad bacterias

Lion’s Mane powder;

So pretty much as the one before, I have been loving it ever since i started using it! I usually have a yummy turmeric and mushroom milk before I study and i feel like it helps me so much, I feel so energised and ready for learning, it might sound really odd but I remember everything I study when I’ve been using it, it works, I’m so upset I didn’t find it when I was in school and doing my exams! Some of this guys benefits include;

  • improves brain function
  • improves immune system functions
  • fights bacterias
  • and loads more


4. Herbal tinctures;

easy as pie you just pop them into a tea or into some juice or a smoothie or even some water, and boom health in a cup! I love these

unnamed (2).jpg


Usually used for digestive problems but impacts include

  • ease of stomach pains, bloating and diarrhea
  • used for over production of perspiration
  • ease impact of hormones responsible for depression


Used in Ayurveda practice, traditional Indian medicine, I got this because I stop taking birth control pills and I had trouble getting my body back into a rythem and  it went a little hay wire so I thought seen as this was used as a medicine for women and their reproductive system it would help.

  •  supports healthy reproductive system
  • encourages healthy breast milk production levels
  • supports hormones
  • soothing effect of the digestive tract

St. John’s Wort-

An all-rounder herb again, good for just about every aspect of the metabolism but some more focused benefits are

  • Improves mood swings
  • reduces anxiety
  • protects against viral infections
  • reduces inflammation

Just thought I would share the things I’ve used and that made me feel way better in fixing my body after the food abuse I committed to it!


Let me know if any of these helped you or ones that you want to try out! xx

Totally Tasty Tofu Pasta

Yet again this is another pasta dish! I’m sorry guys but I love past and its fun to make!

This time I decided to use aubergine in the sauce and it was so good!! Well I had leftover roast aubergine and courgette so I threw them in with some other bits to make the sauce and it was so good.



  • Pasta
  • appx. 200g of firm tofu
  • 1 red/white onion
  • 1 roast Aubergine
  • 1 roasted or steamed courgette
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk
  • 1 cup cooked cauliflower
  • 3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast
  • Herbs/spices eg, paprika, garlic granules, cayenne papper and some salt and peper to taste

unnamed (38).jpg


  • Cut aubergine into slices and season with salt and pepper, put into the oven for 15-20 mins on a high heat. Doing the same with the courgette/zucchini if desire
  • While that is cooking put your pasta into a saucepan and put on the heat,
  • Chop onions and add to a frying pan with a little water so they don’t burn, I didn’t use any oil in this dish I just used water
  • wait until the onions are softened just a bit and cut tofu into chunks and add to the onions in the pan.
  • cook the cauliflower, I use microwave bags and they take no time, but you could cook in a pot with water until soft.
  • after about ten mins you should add the spices to the tofu and onions and add a little water to make sure they don’t over cook.
  • when the cauliflower, courgette and aubergine is cooked add to a blender with the non-dairy milk, nutritional yeast and ½ teaspoon of garlic granules and paprika, blending until smooth.
  • Drain the pasta, put on a plate, top with sauce and then the tofu chunks and serve.


Let me know if you try it ! 🙂 xx



Cruelty free favorites

So a bit of a different post this time, but I wanted to write up a post about makeup pieces that are cruelty free and good quality !

I wouldn’t be the biggest makeup fan and would only usually wear makeup for events or when I need to look more presentable. So when I buy makeup I try find the best price for the quality.

I bought everything except for on

So the few bits I wanted to talk about are:


Makeup revolution concealer pallet in dark ; £6.00/€7.15 > I find these are the handiest things ever, because of my skin tone it is so difficult to get a foundation that matches, but this pallet is perfect for it! I even have colours perfect for contouring! It’s perferct!

B. latex free blending sponge; £3.29/ €3.92


M.U.A matte lipsticks ; £1.00/€1.19, in shades (from top) Fancy Fawn, Mystic Marsala and Totally Nude.

M.U.A lip liner in caramel nougat; £1.00/€1.19


NYX lip liner (top) in shade peakaboo neutral; €3.50

NYX eyeliner (bottom) shade white pearl; €3.50

NYX prices based on Sam McCauleys pharmacy’s prices.


NYX jumbo eye pencil; shades cottage cheese and black bean; €7.00


And lastly my absolute favourite concealer in the world!

NYX HD concealer in CW06; €7.75, oh my days I love this so much, it’s not cakey at all but its still full coverage!