Things I wish I knew about the second trimester

Okay since getting pregnant I realized there is so much we don’t tell fellow women happen, yes they tell you about the things like how great it feels to feel them kick and about the struggle to put your socks on but boyyyyyyy do they leave stuff out! we need to talk about them!


  1. The glow is actually sweat;
    Who in their god damn right mind came up with this one! yes your skin may clear up as your hormones regulate out in the second trimester, but that doesn’t give you a glow. Just a lil clearer skin, but glow? no its sweat, it’s standing in a warm room or weather and getting clammy!
  2. The kicks aren’t as cute as everyone makes it out;
    Don’t get me wrong it’s great and really reassuring, but oh my gosh when they’ve got a good bit of momentum it’s not so nice. A fist to the bladder, a foot to the ribs, there’s nice little movements but when you’re trying to sleep and get woken up because you get an elbow to an organ? not so cute anymore is it?
  3. You might want to increase your fiberĀ and water intake;
    Why does no one tell you how all over the place bowel movements are? I’ve never been so concerned with bowel movements in my whole life! too much then too little, it’s a lot of changes and keeping your fiber levels up with water is way easier than waiting fro one to happen to eat to get the opposite reaction, if you know what I mean !
  4. The belly becomes a bumper car;
    Honestly I’m glad I have the extra padding around my belly because my spacial awareness disappeared! I don’t know what it is, maybe its a thrown off balance or something but I mean it’s like I attract everything at bump level straight into my belly! Oh you used to stand this close to the counter tops? NOT ANYMORE! You used to be able to fit through that space between car mirrors to get to the car door? NOT ANYMORE! maybe I’m just clumsy but I’m not the only pregnant bumper car out there and no one warned me or mentioned it until I commented on how I’m walking into everything!
  5. How well do you cope with being tired;
    It’s not just after the baby is born that you start to loose sleep and get tired, it starts before that, so get yourself some extra pillows to use when you sleep and its okay to take naps! I was so surprised how much I struggled getting to sleep, and then that other women I know had the same experiences when they were pregnant. The sleep can get uncomfortable earlier than the third trimester, bump or no bump, I mean there is a small person in there!
  6. You don’t always have to be excited;
    I mean of course it’s a great thing that is happening and people around the world would love to be in you situation, but sometimes it is a lot to take in and it’s okay to freak out little about how much is changing and this huge change to your life. I mean if your worried about being too unhappy you should talk to a professional, but the expectation that you should be happy all the time because your pregnant is so unrealistic! It’s okay to get frustrated with your body because it can’t do what it could before, but its temporary and your body is doing something amazing so ride it out.
  7. Get your answers for everything ready, your going to need it!
    Prepare yourself for the questioners! Was the baby planned? Are you going to find out the gender? What gender do you want? Are you going to breastfeed? What hospital are you going to? Are you going to get the epidural? Have you thought of names? Whens the due date? Does the baby move much? Are you going to go back to work? How does your parents feel about it? Hows the baby? I mean what the heck, your privacy is gone out the window and it’s open season on your choices. I wish someone told me just how personal the questions can get before being faced with them.

2017-06-15 01.10.44 1 (1).jpg

Stop with the horror story ladies, tell us what to actually prepare for because it can be scary for a first time mother who has no idea that these changes and things are normal and other people experience it too!