My vegan first trimester..

So little announcement on why I’ve been MIA recently.

Boom .. there’s a bun in the oven.

As I am writing this I am 18 weeks pregnant! Oh how blissful it is!

I have no idea why my body has gone against the grain like this but my pregnancy so far is so smooth sailing.

The only real nuisance is this insatiable hunger for avocados, I want them by the bucket load! Other than that there has been no cravings either, bar the few times I’ve really wanted kale and potatoes.

I have had a pretty boring pregnancy to blog about, no nasty side effects, no morning sickness, nothing!

I honestly didn’t believe I was pregnant (the million tests weren’t enough) until I went and got my scan, and there it was this tiny little person just chilling in there!

I didn’t get my scan until I was 15 weeks but I’m not complaining because it was free and I’m lucky to have services like this available. But oh, my gosh it was a long wait to actually see the baby, I mean I felt so non-television portrayal of pregnancy that I convinced myself I was not pregnant! Thankfully there was nothing worrying for the doctor and I have scheduled my next visit with the hospital for 28 weeks!

I have been taking vitamins and eating certain foods so I will write a post about that and get it up in the next coming weeks.

So there it is my boring first trimester update!

And of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask J

Thanks for reading x