Cauliflower steaks!

So basically you can make a faux meat with just about anything!

Cauliflower doesn’t seem like a go to, but my oh my these are beautiful!

Its so simple to so what you’re going to need is:

-A regular cauliflower head, not florets!

-3 tbs barbecue sauce(optional, it just gives a lovely glaze and extra flavour)

-1/2 teaspoon of paprika, garlic granules and mixed herbs

-1/4 cup plant milk of your choice and 2 tbs soy sauce.


Method :

  • So I mixed everything together in a bowl, and it should be as combined as you can get it.
  • then you cut your cauliflower into however many steaks you can get out of it, each about 1 inch thick. (I forgot to take a photo so I had to go find one). this image the beautiful Simply scratch put up for her roasted cauliflower steaks you can find it here.
  • then you heat up your pan with a tiny bit of oil.
  • throw each steak individually into the mixture making sure to cover each side and thoroughly.
  • add to your pan and fry until golden brown and you can serve them like that
  • or you could cover them and leave them for an extra five minuets to soften the inside further.


Serve with whatever you feel necessary, I paired them with more veg and then some extra veg because why not!

If you try this let me know because I would love to see different takes on it 🙂

Thanks for reading guys 🙂 x