Salad that isnt boring, that’s right chickpea!

Chickpea salad is my new obsession, I’ve eaten so much of it lately! It’s so brilliant to squeeze in some extra veggies. It’s so simple to make, even if cutting skills aren’t up to Ramsey standards. of course inspired by the amazing “hot for food” blog.


Just finely cut up some of your fav vegetables, I usually throw some red onion, sweetcorn, cucumber, beetroot, in this case I threw in some tomatoes, bean sprouts, bell peppers and some spinach too because I wanted to add a little more bulk.

Then with a food processor or just with a potato masher, just break up the chickpeas, I try to keep them a little more chunky,

then put the chickpeas in a bowl add 1-2 tablespoons of vegan mayo and some salt and pepper if you want.

I added in some chia seeds for a bit of extra goodness.

Folks that is it! It’s so nice and easy to make and can keep in the fridge for a good while to.

I put it on everything I eat, wraps, sandwiches, bagels, pasta, quinoa and it’s so versatile.


Thanks for reading guys 🙂 xx



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