Nacho regular vegan dinner

I love nacho’s, like I mean really love nacho’s!

I came across a recipe for a vegan nacho sauce by hot for food, available here.

This cheese recipe is amazing and never fails my taste buds, I actually watched it on youtube and my first thought was potatoes!? But my thought was soooo misleading, I gave it a shot and I absolutely love it.

So the usually extras of the:

-guacamole (avocado, onion, garlic, lime juice, tomatoes and cilantro) and

-salsa (chili powder, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice and a few bits of bell peppers).

Just threw everything into a blender for a quick blitz and it was lush.

The cheese sauce is unbelievebly easy just a cup of cooked and diced potatoes and carrots, some nutritional yeast and a few spices (chili powder, paprika, garlic powder and onion powder) and blend and finitto, you have your sauce.

IMG_3251 - Copy

I basically just put tortillas in a lil tray, topped it off with salsa and guac.

Just add the sauce on top of it, I grated some dairy free cheese on top of it and threw it in the grill for a little bit 🙂

I had loads left over so I just popped it in a wrap with some lettuce and rice. It’s just delish!

If you try it let me know because I’d love to see it, thanks for reading guys x



vegan bolognese sauce? It’s possible?

Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, this is still a good replacement for the rubbish jar of sauce that are filled with mess!

Its simple and surprisingly simple to make, the sauce doesn’t need to be cooked either so for summer days when you want comfort food but don’t want the heavy warm type this works both ways.


-Sun dried tomatoes (soaked for about 20-30 mins in warm water)

-fresh tomatoes

-Brazil nuts/walnuts(for texture) [soaked for 20-30 mins, to soften}

-Tomato puree(optional)

-Some herbs (I just used a mixed herb seasoning)

-Paprika/chili powder for a kick

-1 chopped onion

-some garlic powder/2 garlic cloves

-And some celery and greens for some extra goodness(optional).

You could add whatever your must have ingredient is, I always add in nutritional yeast and soy sauce. And occasionally dairy free cheese, it’s actually super good!


  1. Throw the nuts and sundried tomatoes in a food processor or blender until broken down a bit.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients till your desired consistency.

and that is that guys, its my lazy dinner.

IMG_3221 - Copy.jpg

So you could fry up onions and some extra veggies and add in the sauce if you wanted a bit extra but basically its a breeze to make!

If you wanted you could also half the mixture add in cumin, some extra chili powder or chili flakes, oregano and some cayenne pepper if available and some beans, and boom you’ve got a chili dish too!

IMG_3975.jpgyes both of my foods are covered in nutritional yeast so I’m sorry if you can’t see it clearly.

let me know if you tried out this dish, I’d love to know how you found it 🙂

Thanks for reading guys,