Simple ways to cut back


So as I have mentioned before I have made some changes, BIG and small to my eating ad lifestyle habits. I thought I would share them with you all in case you’re like me and looked up tips for loosing my extra bits and found super unrealistic advice! So i thought I would lay what I did out and see if it helps anyone 🙂

1. Green tea!

Its a small thing that goes that extra mile. I started to replace one of my many coffees a day with some green tea and it worked wonders. You can also find it so cheaply and that is a major plus plus for me! First brownie point to green tea is the energy levels, I actually drank more of it while I studied and it helps keep those too-many-words-blues away. It’s also full on antioxidants which are brilliant in fighting of any nastiness in your body. (more brilliant aspects: immune and metabolism booster, helps with circulation, maintains healthy blood sugar levels).

2. nuts, seeds, nuts!

Put down that chocolate bar and pick up them nuts. There is soooo much options out there. I replaced some (not all, because that week) of my chocolate indulgences with nuts and seeds. Sounds boring but throw them into some yogurt with some fruit or sweetener and your good to go. Or you can make bars out of them and have yourself some homemade nutty flapjacks!

3. Yoga the cr*p out of it

Start small and progress young padwans. I vouch for yoga so much. There’s so many variations and levels of difficulty even a few minuets a day and your balance and core strength will improve. Not to mention the amazing weightloosing capabilities. Healthy and charkaly wise! Youtube will be your helper big time, I still haven’t attended a class!

4. Read up on what your bodies requirements are

Believe it or not your body actually needs fat! There’s so many fad diets that tell you too cut out foods your body needs. We need carbs! Read up on you nutrients and minerals and all that good stuff and it will help a whole lot to plan healthy meals 🙂

5. Do your food shop late in the day

It’s crazy how much fruit and veg and noodles all reduce by when its passed the usual hours. I always wait till about 9 especially for Tesco, they tend to reduce stuff to even 30c when it’s later. This helps for the accessibility of fruit and veg so you cant miss that deal on mushrooms and lettuce.

6. If you eat meat, stop with the rashers!

I know killer right, yes I know what it’s like. I used to eat meat once upon a time and I was the rasher hoover, I had rashers in everything, then I stopped eating rashers and sausages and bits like that and my stomach reduced so much! I cut out meat altogether and the weight fell off me, so my advice is so seriously cut back on the really saturated fats and that unnecessary grease, easy alternatives can be made, grilled fish steaks, grilled chicken fillets, some lean red meats baked in tinfoil, anything but rashers!

7. Take it one step at a time

Your body is a temple and they are not built in a day. Please don’t expect fast results, those photos of 4 weeks in the difference are not what you should be striving for. Yes some results are fast but maintaining a healthy body is more important than being malnourished and trim in a month.

8. Don’t fret it!

If you have a junk day or a junk week it’s OK. It’s not the easiest to do, but it’s so worth it. If you fall off the wagon and eat 4 creme eggs, 2 portions of garlic cheese chips, a whole pizza and a small horse in one sitting, relax we all pig out and you did not fail! You do not have to start from scratch, you don’t have to take any ‘skinny pills’ or anything of the sort, your body can do it, its all waiting for you, just pick up the reigns!!

9. It’s your mind!

They say mind over matter right, well mind over that double chocolate fudge  cake because this is you. You can find motivation to change your not so healthy things. One man thing I’ve learned is being healthy and loosing weight is not a ‘diet’ is a lifestyle. It’s consistency, it’s choosing to live longer, live stronger and live healthier. It may be a hard long journey but it’s the best journey!

Love from Jadzia’s epiphany. xx