So.. knitting?

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I am obsessed with knitting, I love it. I’m currently in college and the assignments are relentless! So for me along with some yoga, I love to knit as my calming mechanism. I love the feeling of starting these little knitting projects and finishing them, it makes me feel so accomplished. Recently I decided I would start a gigantic blanket! It is so comfortable, although it took FOREVER to complete, it was sooooo worth it. You would understand if you live in a cold country, like Ireland, the absolute appreciation for a warm-cosy blanket. It’s perfect because I live right beside a river, so it’s pretty darn cold.


I used Hayfeild’s Bonus Super Chunky (100g) wool, it’s so thick, It’s amazing. I buy all of my wool and needles from ‘The Wool Shop’, there’s actually a store in my town, but they have an online store. And these balls of beauty were only 2.75 (euro).   I used 7 1/2mm needles, but I would say if I was to do it again i would probably use thicker ones, but they were on sale so i ‘had’ to! It did take me about half a lifetime to actually finish, seen as I bought all the wool out of the shop and had to wait for them to restock, killer! But to me it was worth it. I haven’t got a great end picture, but I did manage to take a picture of it all folded it up. I will do a collage of all of the pieces when I have them all finished as I’m currently working on making two matching pillows for it. EEEEPPPP! I’m so excited to finish them all! I’ll be sure to post it as soon as it’s all done 🙂


Thanks for reading guys! X


A little introduction to me,

First of all thanks for actually looking at this blog and welcome 🙂 I’m Jadzia, an Irish girl with a not-so-Irish name. I’m just a college student who is obsessed with taking pictures, so I thought, why not make a blog so I can share them with people. I’m quite a nature fanatic, with miniature plants as my kryptonite. My first passion is cooking, I adore food and experimenting with textures and flavors, a vegetarian food fanatic, original right? So if you love all things naturalistic and meatless meals this is the woman for you! I find DIY projects as my room for improvement, but as least I try. I prefer the knitting and painting side of ‘do it yourself’. 10422260_1040430182681826_7092394290222517762_n

So basically if you feel like you have common interest or want to see my craft fails keep on reading my posts. x